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What does Grant Stenzel bring to the table as a speaker? As you might expect, he’s a wonderfully passionate, positive and captivating authority on the topic at hand. But what you might not expect is his ability to connect with his audience in a highly interactive approach that gets people thinking in a refreshing way.

Beyond having the credibility of heading a clinical counseling practice of over 25 people, he’s also not afraid to let down his guard to relate closer to his audience as a fellow parent of teenagers, spouse and Christian. He embraces the opportunity to take on the important topics your audience wants to know about but often doesn’t know where to turn, such as Internet safety for children or breakdowns in marital communication.

Get ready for an experience that’s engaging, genuine and yes, even fun at times. Upon spending 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours with Grant, we expect your group to feel nothing less.