Meet Grant


Wonderful to meet you! I’m Grant Stenzel, the head of Stenzel Clinical, a practice with locations in Wheaton, Naperville, Geneva and Schaumburg Illinois. By finding my speaking engagement site, you’ve discovered the other important role in my professional life besides being a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor: Public speaker.

As a speaker, my goal is to help parents, couples, children and adolescents develop healthier relationships.

I don’t aim to “cure” people of their problems on the spot but rather to give them the outlook that long-term healing and peace is very achievable. That begins with a naturally conversational approach that shows them they are not alone.

After all, I’m more than a clinical counselor and speaker. I’m a parent. A husband. A Christian. A former pastor. So not only can I give your audience good psychological tools due to my professional expertise in working with clients, but that I can relate to many of their challenges in my own life too.

I also recently authored the book How to Get Your Wife to Shut Up (don’t judge the title ’til you read it! It’s not what you think!). I have a true passion for helping couples, and wrote this self-help book to help men better their behavior in their relationships.

How to Get Your Wife to Shut Up – By: Grant Stenzel